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Litigation & Arbitration

Our litigation lawyers provide dispute resolution services to domestic and international Clients that they represent at every level of the Macau civil, commercial and criminal courts. Clients include gaming companies, banks, insurance companies, airlines and all other types of institutional and corporate Clients.

The business litigation work involves a broad range of areas, including Commercial and Corporate Litigation, Crime, Asset Tracing and Insurance Litigation.


Commercial and Corporate Litigation
The business litigation lawyers advise a significant number of gaming companies, banks, insurance companies and other institutions.
The focus of our commercial dispute resolution lawyers lies in business and finance related litigation and arbitration. The firm frequently acts in multi-jurisdictional litigation. 

Macau Court Room

Our lawyers deal with all forms of disputes, in particular relating to gaming, banking, labour, competition, real estate and tax. We also have significant experience in the aviation and maritime sectors. In insolvency related litigation, we frequently act for creditors involved in collection and insolvency proceedings. 



Our criminal law specialists have considerable experience in providing advice and assistance to Clients in relation to criminal proceedings involving all types of offences and in particular proceedings relating to damages, theft and money laundering practices issues, as well as dealing with company frauds, internal and external, with which our Clients are confronted. 


Besides representing our Clients at all stages of local criminal proceedings, we regularly act in the context of international criminal proceedings, including international letters rogatory proceedings. 


Besides managing criminal proceedings and representing our Clients in front of the judicial authorities, we assist and advise our Clients generally on all aspects of business crime. We assist our Clients in the assessment of criminal risks in relation to our Clients’ business, the avoidance of the risk of dangerous and expensive criminal charges and civil liability through the implementing of preventive measures such as internal compliance plans and the conduct of domestic and international investigations and fact-gathering, including inquiries into suspect internal operations. Such work is conducted by our criminal law specialists where necessary in close cooperation with experts from the other business units of the firm. 


Asset Tracing


Our team has significant expertise and prides itself on its ability to deliver a pro-active service in emergency relief procedures, enforcement proceedings and asset tracing. We are very regularly involved in emergency interlocutory work for claimants, often in multi-jurisdictional actions. Over the years, our team has gained extensive experience in all available civil and criminal remedies. 


Insurance Litigation

The civil litigation team comprises a range of lawyers specialising in handling large and complex litigation matters for insurance companies. 


The insurance litigation lawyers have wide-ranging experience in handling all types of insurance litigation and provide legal services to the insurance industry on coverage disputes, reinsurance and policy wording. A large part of the legal service provided relates to complex litigation in the areas of professional indemnity, liability arising from commercial risk, road traffic claims, subrogation and recovery claims.

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