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Land, Real Estate & Construction

Our land, real estate and construction practice ranges from specific land, property, construction and related transactions to the issues that arise in commercial transactions. We have extensive experience of all forms of activity ranging from the concession of land, acquisition, planning, construction and development, letting and sale of immovable property.

We advise real estate developers of all sorts and construction firms in matters of zoning and construction on regular basis, representing them in administrative procedures and respective disputes. Our lawyers are highly proficient in regulative aspects and practices of this field, providing Clients with solutions to their daily concerns as well as consulting complex development projects.

We advise Clients in construction regulation and assist in drafting and concluding construction contracts, project management and financing. 

Parisian Hotel and Casino in Macau

Development and Construction

CFS lawyers have substantial experience in the development, design and construction of real estate projects. Time is money in construction, and never more so than when constructing on land leased by the Macau government. This and other issues unique to the construction industry take the design and construction of facilities beyond the typical realm of commercial projects. Our sensitivity to and experience in addressing those issues enable our Clients to allocate risk appropriately, without driving up cost needlessly. We frequently advise on development agreements; architectural, engineering and other design agreements; construction management agreements; general contracts; contracts for specialty equipment and interior fixtures and myriad other contracts necessary for the permitting, development, design and delivery of a project. We have counseled on capital projects in Macau, working with them to develop delivery systems to advance sometimes-competing priorities. Also, having had the experience of litigating many contractual issues impacting construction, we can bring that insight to bear in negotiating agreements.


However, construction projects do not always proceed as anticipated; and on occasion, disputes arise. Our collective breadth and depth of experience in litigation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution methods surrounding construction, as well as our unique industry knowledge, allow us to serve our Clients wisely and tenaciously. Like our Clients, we recognize that proper preparation and planning are essential to minimizing the often-disruptive effect of construction claims and disputes. We regularly work with our Clients and their business teams to develop prompt, efficient and final means of dispute avoidance and resolution techniques that are aimed at eliminating the short - and long - term costs of lengthy disputes, which on development projects can have significant financial consequences.


Our goal is to develop a framework that minimizes or eliminates potential conflicts through careful, clear contract drafting and pragmatic, creative, business-oriented problem solving. When they could not be avoided, we have handled numerous construction disputes involving development projects arising both during the course of construction, where early intervention may alleviate later costly litigation, and when necessary, through trial and appeal. Our goal is to vigorously and efficiently advance our Clients' interests in the successful and cost-effective completion of construction projects.

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