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Banking, Finance & Insurance

We advise banks and insurance companies as well as other financial institutions in regulatory issues, including proceedings carried out by the regulatory authority, on licensing and on a wide scope of other financial and insurance regulatory issues.

Our lawyers actively participate and assist investors, lenders and borrowers in financing transactions with credit institutions as well as insurance companies and policy holders in negotiating, developing, drafting and concluding banking, financial and insurance documents, agreements and policies.

Our lawyers also represent financial institutions and insurance companies in litigation and disputes resolution in Macau.

We advise on all aspects of regulatory compliance including:

  • Regulatory filing

  • Disclosure obligations

  • Corporate governance issues

We advise financial institutions and insurance companies on all regulatory matters relevant to their businesses in Macau. This includes: 

  • Licence applications

  • Launching of new products

  • Investment rules

Our lawyers have further acquired considerable expertise in the M&A activity relating to the insurance and banking businesses.

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