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Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory requirements affecting companies and businesses are difficult to navigate alone.  With a vast amount of experience, our lawyers can help guide your company safely through any regulatory issues that may arise, and aid your company in maintaining compliance to avoid problems in the future. We routinely assist clients with regulatory matters, such as:

Permitting and Licensing – We have assisted companies of all shapes and sizes, both domestic and foreign, with their permitting and licensing requirements. From startup companies to established companies expanding their services into new areas, we advised or assisted in obtaining permits, licenses and certifications at several levels, including in the financing, insurance, aviation, hotel, restaurant and construction permitting and licensing. 

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Acquisitions and Capitalization – Business transactions, such as acquisitions or additional capitalization in a regulated industry, often require regulatory clearance prior to closing. We routinely guide companies through that process. In addition, we frequently collaborate with the firm’s Corporate practice to handle other aspects of the transaction.


Compliance – Our law firm has developed a tremendous background in all areas of compliance including in respect of tax, tariffs, privacy, personal data, money laundering, terrorism financing and due diligence. Our team also regularly conducts compliance audits and assists companies in defining policies in order to develop operations.

Complaints – Every company must be prepared to respond to complaints initiated by a customer or a regulatory agency. Our attorneys represent Clients in complaint proceedings. Working with our Clients, we are able to resolve disputes in a timely and effective manner.

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